Real Estate Investing Courses

We offer a selection of well designed Real Estate Investing Courses and programs to help you become an active real estate investor and achieving your goals as a real estate investor. Whether you want to go into real estate investing wholesaling, fix and flips, subject to, buy and hold real estate investing, or you want to do it all, or simply improve your marketing skills, we are here to help you! 


Who we are

Path to Wealth Academy & University is an institution offering education on real estate investing. We are a Texas-based institution, and we are a fantastic resource for people wishing to become real estate investors in Houston. We have a very deep and extensive knowledge of the real estate investing market in Houston. We provide real estate investing courses and classes in Houston, and we have already helped numerous real estate investors in Houston to get successfully integrated into the real estate investing industry in the area of Houston.


What we offer

Our real estate investing courses and programs in Houston are designed for people that wish to become real estate investors, offering a very good opportunity to successfully get into the world of real estate investing. Our courses help our students to develop a career in real estate investing and achieve their goals in the world of real estate investing. We teach our students not only how to become active and successful real estate investors, but also how to build a solid portfolio of real estate investments.

Additionaly, we offer services and real estate investing courses and programs to real estate investors that wish to improve their skills in the industry of real estate investing or that they wish to get specific training in subjects related to real estate investing. Among others, we focus on marketing education for real estate investors, negotiation techniques for real estate investors and in general, all strategic aspects of real estate investing.


Our real estate investing courses

The menu of our real estate investing courses cover, among other subjects, how to learn and perfect wholesale and real estate investing wholesaling, how to learn and perfect fix and flip techniques, house flipping, real estate investing subject to deals, real estate investing in pre-foreclosures, real estate investing pre-foreclosures marketing, subject to deals marketing and many more other very interesting real estate investing techniques and tricks.

Our real estate investing classes are designed for personalized attention to our students, and therefore, they are limited to a small number of students.

By design, all our real estate investing courses are designed to achieve clear and solid goals, and therefore, our real estate investing courses are results oriented. All our real estate investing courses include immediate practical implementation, in the form of very intensive real estate marketing.

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What to expect from us       

We make sure that all our students and future real estate investors achieve their goals of becoming active real estate investors by learning how to start up a real estate business, design a real estate investing marketing strategy and go through the process of its deployment and implementation until clear results are obtained.  Our students not only they master all the yellow letters and mail merge techniques, but also they also learn very advanced real estate marketing techniques that are taught by very few institutions. They become real estate investors by gradually progressing through our different programs and eventually creating their own real estate investing business or integrating themselves in some of the groups and entities that resulted from our academy.


Learn all different Real Estate Investing Strategies

 We teach our students to learn how to master the different techniques and aspects of real estate investing and different forms of real estate investments such as:

 -       Real estate investing wholesaling

-       Real estate investing fix and flip

-       Real estate investing in pre-foreclosure properties.

-       Real estate investing in foreclosure properties.

-       Real estate investing in subject to deals.

-       Residential real estate investing

-       Commercial real estate investing

-       Multifamily real estate investing

-       Buy and hold properties.

-       Airbnb Investment properties

-       Passive Investments

-       1031 exchanges

And may creative strategies, such as

-       Lease options

-       Sandwich lease options

-       Wrap-around real estate investing

-       Owner financing

-       Trading nonperforming notes


And much more ...

Real Estate Investing Courses


Active Learning applied to Real Estate Investing Education 

Our teaching methodology for real estate investing is based on active education or learning by doing, and our real estate investing courses emphasize on real life cases and live situations.  All marketing is done on actual lists, such as the Houston pre-foreclosure lists, the NOD’s lists, and the lates list.

Our team of instructors is integrated by successful real estate investors from the Houston area, many of them with very significant real estate investments portfolios.

We also offer networking sessions and even marketing co-working sessions where you can meet with other real estate invertors and share experiences with them, as well as learning new techniques and tricks for real estate investing. Do not miss our networking sessions because they are a fantastic opportunity to learn a lot and make very good connections. 

Call us today! 

If you wish to become a successful real estate investor, contact us or call us today, and make an appointment to discuss which of our real estate investing courses will suit you best. Our different programs are designed to suit people with different needs. We offer from introductory courses to real estate investing to full time highly intensive programs to take you to your maximum potential in real estate investing. We also offer to our students the possibility to becoming members of our graduate group of investors that are integrated share resources with a common marketing coop.


Real Estate Investing Courses